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comply with any and all applicable legislation including the Data Protection Act. Further to this our investigators will always strive to deliver the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction.

A professional executed background check will typically reveal a wide range of information including any criminal convictions, credit reports, a list of previous addresses that the individual has lived at and any prior history of marriage. Piecing all this information together gives an accurate, rounded account of the individual under scrutiny making sure you have the full and accurate story.

Any background check begins with a name, the more information we are provided with then the quicker our investigation can be, checking address', national insurance number and details, a search of the national criminal records database, checking for further convictions or criminal acts and on to further investigation into the history both financial and geographic of the individual under investigation.

Items that will be investigated in any typical background check include

Corporate Checks


For our corporate clients our background check services can provide comprehensive and invaluable background screening services that can help large orgasinsations through to small business to make informed decisions,  mitigating risks related to employment, supply chains and investors. We can tailor our investigations to specific needs and requests, please contact us to discuss your requirements. We can provide information related to another business' financial situation, including that of a business directors of owner, and also on an individuals basis, credit checks, driving records, verifications of CV's, employment histories and credentials. A background check will often pay for itself, why risk making a decision based upon unverified or false information.

Personal/Individual Checks

For private clients the reasons for feeling the need to make a background check are many. We have been contacted by concerned parents and family members, often related to a child's relationship or prospective partner. Landlords and letting agents may feel the need to vet a prospective tenant for their prior history or for outstanding debts(see our Corporate Checks section above.) There are also occasions when we are contacted by people in a relationship who are concerned that their partner, be it boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, may either not be acting faithfully to them or else may be hiding something from them, either financial or related to their past. Please be assured that any investigation of such a nature and all correspondence related to it is always handled with the utmost confidence by our professional price investigators.

There are many sites and business both on and offline that offer comprehensive background reports at cheap and bargain rates but we are not one of them. Such reports are in general of very little use, taken from the most basic of searches of existing and resold databases that will be full of outdated and inaccurate information. As we do our own investigation from start to finish we can be sure that the information we uncover is both correct and up-to-date. We understand that clients wanted a background check carried out require that check to be both accurate and relevant to the area of concern. If you do have concerns of an individual please do contact us to discuss your exact requirements, our investigators will endeavour to be of help and the costs in the long run of 'not knowing' can far exceed the price of a professional and confidential background check.


Background Reports, Checks and Investigation

We have vast experience of gathering information and background on individuals, such background checks can sometimes be necessary be it in a personal or a professional or corporate matter. Concerns over the history and 'character' of who you are about to enter into business with, who you will be entrusting the safety of your nearest and dearest too or who you may be moving a personal relationship to the next step with can all be answered with a simple background check.

We can deliver accurate, hard evidence that can give you peace of mind that the individual you are considering as a prospective business partner, a nanny for your child or a life partner is indeed who they are claiming to be, or, in certain cases, that there is more to the story than they have told you. The information we collect is legal, accurate and reliable and we