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Discreet Investigations     

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investigative teams. If you have an suspicions of employees or staff committing theft of money, stock or even time, Then hiring a specialist corporate investigator is the first step to detecting the fraud and identifying those responsible.

In cases of suspected employees misconduct and theft our investigators utilize the the latest surveillance technology and covert detection techniques in the investigation of corporate and employee theft. Our investigators will conduct thorough investigations and advise clients on how best to proceed once all the evidence has been gathered.

In-depth and up-to-date corporate investigations on businesses and the individuals that your business relies upon can be essential tools for success in todays competitive marketplace and can give you the confidence and knowledge to act intelligently and plan your businesses future development.

Here at Discreet Investigations we can quickly and efficiently provide you with the knowledge that you need to make intelligent choices. Following a successful investigation, we can also recommend measures to reduce the risk of such activities from recurring.

We offer a wealth of experience in all aspects of our enquiry agency work providing affordable, innovative solutions to sensitive and complex problems.


Corporate Investigations

Discreet Investigations can offer a specialist investigations and intelligence service for corporate clients. With many years experience within the corporate investigation industry, we can provide a fast, efficient and comprehensive service. A discreet corporate investigation can help to keep your business in the know.

According to a recent report from the British Retail Consortium a staggering 53% of unseen losses are the result of employee theft. The prevention and detection of company theft and fraud should surely be at the forefront of any business planning.

The corporate security services we provide can vary from levels of service, from a full scale major crime investigation right through to providing assistance to in-house security and