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Discreet Investigations     

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Computer Misuse

Most people are well aware nowadays of the dangers of the internet.  We read daily of certain types of people preying on vulnerable people trying to establish online relationships. 

When it comes to our children there can be no compromise.  They must be protected at all costs.  Whilst we do our best to tell them of the dangers in this new hyper world they do not think it will happen to them. 

Husbands, wives and partners spending long periods on their domestic computers for no apparent reason.

Now Discreet Investigations can help set your mind at rest.  

Our in-house software developers have programmes that, when installed on your home computer, will allow you to tell exactly what has been happening. What emails have been sent and their contents, and what web sites have been visited. All this can be accomplished whilst being completely invisible to the other users in the house.